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JW Library

Hey babe, Welcome to the JW LIBRARY; a treasure chest of freebies to help you along your journey to a life of health, wealth and happiness!These resources are accessible to you for free at the touch of a button! Download NOW and get working, girl!

Habit Tracker

The perfect tracker to help build routine and establish positive daily rituals!

Meal Planner

Plan your meals and organise your shopping list!

Journal Prompts

Use these prompts to help build routine around daily gratitudes, plus, set quarterly goals & KILL IT girl!

Phone Wallpapers

Phone wallpapers for the abundant babe. Pick a wallpaper to set your vibe!

Goal setting

Use this task to work out which areas of your life need some love and align your goals with them!

Check from the Universe

Want to manifest some money babe? Download this Bank of the Universe Check! Simply write down the $ amount to want to manifest and let the manifesting begin!

Affirmations + Intentions

Use these prompts to affirm what it is you are attracting into your life + set your intensions for the week!

Monthly intention + reflection

Use these templates to set your intentions for the month ahead. Plus, review how you went to keep you accountable and provide direction for the following month!

Dream workbook

Get clear on your health and fitness goals and how to achieve them!

Intuitive Eating Handbook

A handy guide which explains what intuitive eating is and how to implement it!

GLOW UP - The 2021 Guide

A driven gals guide to stepping it up in 2021! Set goals & manifest your dreams.