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find your strong

For the babe who's ready to f*ck the diet and unleash her inner boss b*tch.

An 8 week program for women who want to build muscle, get strong and feel confident AF.

Give us 8 weeks and you’ll walk away feeling strong AF with a bad ass mindset.

You don't just wake up with a strong, fit body, you create one!

Find Your Strong is an 8 week program for women who are ready to eat more, train hard, increase their energy, build discipline, feel confident and unleash their inner boss b*tch!

You're done with focusing on weight loss and aesthetics. You're ready to ditch diet culture and focus on health, performance confidence and mental wellbeing!

You desire to be THRIVING but right now. . . you're just doing okay — feeling stuck with how to move forward.

You have a basic understanding of nutrition and training, but you're unsure how to take things to the next level. Deep down you know you need something different, something more for yourself - you're feeling pulled to eat from a place of love and nourishment, you're ready to train for performance and enjoyment... but you're scared.
Yes, you kinda know what you should be doing - you could probably even advise a friend on what to do, but for some reason you can't apply it to yourself.

That's where we come in.

We teach you everything from training for performance, building confidence in the gym (while getting strong AF), removing food fear and eating more, fuelling your body, working with your cycle, building self-confidence and discipline.

Making change is scary.
Trying something new is scary -
but FYS will give you the education, tools, strategies, plus the love and support to help you feel safe as you step into this new, more empowered version of yourself.

we’re looking for
women who

  • Wants to build muscle and get strong AF
  • Is ready to fall in love with her body and build more self-confidence
  • Requires support to feel safe eating more and releasing food fear
  • Is ready to train out for performance, enjoyment and respect for their body
  • Craves a challenge and wants to build more resilience and self discipline
  • Knows the basics but is ready to show up, do the work and take things to the next level

why work with us?

Well. . .we've been there.

We used to think if we were leaner we would be more loveable.

We know what it's like to desperately want to lose weight or stay smaller.

To tie your self-worth, 'enoughness' and beauty to your size and weight.

To have food and training rule your life.

To view foods as 'good'and 'bad'(and be terrified of the 'bad' kind).

To eat and exercise from a place of fear.

To be exhausted, moody and tired because you're not eating enough.

To believe that a smaller number on the scale will make you happier.

To fear holidays, wearing bikinis or buying new clothes.

And that having visible abs are a ticket to ‘belonging’

The reality is… all that is total.f#cking.BS.👊🏻

And we're here to show you the way out.

we'll show you
how to..

  • Eat more without guilt
  • Train less but with intention
  • Focus on health over weight
  • Work with your cycle
  • Feel empowered in your body
  • Love going to the gym
  • Feel free AF around food - parties, holidays, you name it!
This is about you letting go of toxic diet culture that makes you feel like you NEED to lose weight and look better to belong... and stepping to a life that that FEELS f*cking GOOD and is driven by passion, desire and self-acceptance.

thats why we created

An 8 week program to unf*ck your food mindset + get strong AF

This is for women who are sick of focusing on diets, weight loss and aesthetics and are
ready to focus on health, performance and mental wellbeing.

the juicy details...

  • customised nutrition program (value $447)
    We'll work out the right calorie and macro targets for you, your body and your goals. We'll help you slowly increase your food intake and feel empowered AF doing it! Don't worry, you won't have a boring meal plan to follow! We provide you education so you can eat what you want and fuel your performance!
  • customised gym program (value $397)
    Designed to help you get fitter and stronger than ever before. We'll build a customized gym program based on your experience level to help you optimize and improve your training performance. In 8 weeks you'll be feeling like an absolute boss b*tch in the gym!
  • 1:1 support (value $697)
    You'll be able to check in every fortnight with Coach Sezzy to get feedback and support. We'll be able to adjust your training or nutrition plan if necessary and provide you guidance for the following weeks.
  • group workshops (value $497)
    You'll get access to five live workshops throughout the 8 weeks run by Jessie and Sezzy, to provide you education + support on mindset, training and nutrition! If you can't attend live, you'll still be able to watch the replay!
  • community support (value $147)
    You'll receive access to a private FYS Facebook Group where you can share #inspo, your go to meals, fave snacks, meal prep tips, sweaty post work out selfies, weekly wins. Not to mention you'll be able to ask your coaches a question or receive support from the entire squad!
  • *vip upgrade*
    Get 2 x 1:1 strategy calls with Coach Sezzy completely customized to YOU! Whether you need further guidance with training, nutrition or mindset, we've got you! PLUS, 24/7 access to private message us with any questions throughout the program!
  • total value $2,185

client love letters



Before I started the program I was feeling lost, emotionally drained, stressed and tired. I also felt ashamed of how I looked on the outside. I was always that skinny girl in school which really took a toll on my self confidence!

I wanted to look at life in a more positive way, work less, gain muscle and strength, eat breakfast and lunch everyday and to not make the excuse of “I’m too busy”, to actually enjoy exercising and lifting heavy weights, to not think of going to the gym as a chore and to let go of the negative self talk and limiting beliefs I have of myself and my body.

I achieved so many things that I didn’t think were possible! I always thought that I had to go to the gym at least 6 days a week to see results. I now only train 4 days a week, when I’m not feeling my best sometimes 2 or 3 and it doesn’t phase me anymore. I honestly love going to the gym now. I love seeing that I’m progressing and going up in weights. It gives me something to strive for each week and helps me not only physically but mentally as well. I now look in the mirror and appreciate the body I have and I’m so grateful to eat the amount of food I do now. I reverse dieted from 1700 calories and am now on 2600 calories + a day and feeling so good and have got so much more energy. I can now go to the gym by myself and not feel as scared as I once was. I’ve been taught how to properly lift with the correct form and it gives me so much more confidence to do things by myself now without worrying what anyone else is doing. The image I have of my body has completed changed and I’m so glad I decided to make a change!


I had been following Jessie for a while, watching her stories on Instagram being so high vibe and loving life, talking about her programs and that you don’t have to do things alone and even listening to her podcast I related so much. I just wanted to fall in love with training again and learn how to treat my body right. Everyday was a battle with food and I honestly thought that eating 800 calories and doing excessive exercise late at night to burn off my dinner was the only way to be skinny and to be liked. My mind set was self destruction and not self love. Coming into the program I wanted to eat more food, learn and get the tools to know how to reverse diet and just get out of a vicious cycle I was in.

Throughout the program I built my calories up to just over 2000 cals per day. I was training because I felt strong and wanted to build muscle. I stopped the excessive exercise and self punishment. I also stopped caring so much about other people's opinions and learned you can outgrow people and that’s ok. I learnt how to read my body and know when to rest, without guilt. I also set up a really good goal setting and journaling / gratitude routine that I still use daily. I can’t even describe how much I have grown.

Currently I’m feeling amazing and healthy. My period is back to normal now, I’m eating foods I loveand not feeling guilty about having take away or going out for dinner! I have put on so much muscle. I feel soooo strong from having the correct food and proper training. I’m forever thankful for both my coach Sarah and Jessie for all the love and support they both gave me.


Before Jessie I was stuck in a constant cycle of dieting. I understood calories/macros, knew how to track but still hated what I saw in the mirror (even when I was at my smallest.) I thought it would be impossible to see changes if I didn’t log every piece of food I ate, only ate “diet” foods and I’d panic if MyFitnessPal went into the ‘red’.  I didn’t even realise the damage I was putting on myself until I started working with Jessie. 

Now... I am the happiest and most confident I’ve been with my body. I have so much food freedom, only track 4 days, have learnt how to eat intuitively and am just so happy to finally have healed the relationship I have with my body and a much more positive mindset around food. 

Eating more food/higher calories has improved my strength at the gym, sleep and all round well-being. Working with Jessie was the best thing I have ever done, I am so grateful I am no longer in so much self hate and food guilt! I wish every woman on earth would do this program!

this could be is what you need

  • a killer strategy
    Having the tools, resources and action plan to get you from A to B. Something that not only WORKS, but works for YOU.
  • action and momentum
    Less thinking more DOING. Taking action builds momentum and momentum fuels progress!
  • a can do outlook
    Being ready to dig deep, find your inner strength and COMMIT to yourself and your progress. Feeling ready to take a challenge head-on and not throwing in the towel when things feel hard.
  • Support and community
    People around you who inspire, and support your vision! A group of like-minded women who you can see showing up in their lives and encouraging you to do the same!
  • You are in complete control and at ease around food.
  • You can eat what you want (including your fave treats) with ZERO guilt!
  • You get excited instead of fearful before social events, when someone else prepares your food or you get takeaway!
  • You have SO much more energy to put towards things like relationships, friendships, career, hobbies, biz and personal development!
  • A confident boss b*tch in the gym, whether it's training in a crop top or using any equipment you want!
  • Health + fitness are part of your lifestyle!
  • Eating well feels easy and training is enjoyable AF!
  • You're part of a community of empowered women,
  • who support your growth, both mentally and physically!

-Elizabeth Gilbert

You know you're ready for this and you feel deeply to your core that this is what you need, but
you can't shake the voice that says;
"I can't eat more food"
"I don't have the confidence"
"I can't afford it"
"I'm not worthy of this"

This is your opportunity to decide whether you're going to keep letting that same voice keep you stuck or whether you're ready to let go and shift into a new way of being, find your inner strength and empower yourself to make bold changes.

The truth is, the voice that holds you back, is really just saying "I'm afraid of what
will happen and I fear that I'm not capable."

It's okay to be afraid. It's okay to be scared of the unknown. It's okay to desire certainty. It's okay
to not feel ready. It's okay.

But I invite you to ask yourself, "If I knew I would stay where I am, would that make me afraid,
too? Would not saying 'yes' to this, give me any more certainty? Have I ever felt truly 'ready'
before big decisions in my life?"

Sometimes staying stuck is even scarier than moving forward.

And hey, it's okay to stay where you are for periods, too. It's okay to pause, reflect and integrate
your learnings. You don't always need to be moving and growing. But if you've landed here, it
tells me you're ready to take action.

your investment includes..

  • Customized nutrition coaching
  • Progressive training program
  • 5 x live workshops
  • Fortnightly 1:1 check ins
  • Community Facebook group
  • Only $790 when paid in full! (or with a payment plan starting from $930!)
  • Upgrade to VIP and get 2 x 1:1 video calls PLUS 24/7 messenger access for only $309!)

get moving, enrollment closes April 7!

Don't look back..
you're not going that way!


  • When does it start?
  • This round is kicking off with orientation week on April 12, however, the official start date will be April 19!

  • Should I upgrade to VIP?
  • If you are quite self-motivated, can take a strategy and run with it, you won't really need it. If you want more 1:1 touch points and personalised support throughout the program, definitely go with an upgrade babe!

  • I've never tracked macros before, does that matter?
  • While it will be highly favourable if you've tracked for 3+ months at some point and have a solid understanding of nutrition, it's not necessarily essential. But we would prefer you upgrade to VIP so you have the opportunity to dive deeper and get the support you need!

  • I don't want to track my macros, can I still join the program?
  • ABSO-FLIPPING-LUTELY! This program is about focusing on performance, building strength, breaking free from diet culture and having a healthy relationship with food! If you don't feel called to track, you can absolutely still join and have fantastic results; we will guide you with a more intuitive eating approach!

  • I don't have any particular goals right now and want some accountability with my food/training - is this a good program for me?
  • It depends. If you *need* accountability to stay on track, a group program might not be the best fit for you. But if being a part of a community like-minded women, fortnightly touch points with a coach will be enough for it to gain momentum, abso-fucking-lutely babe!

  • Can I join if my goal is weight loss?
  • Nope, sorry boo! If weight loss is your goal this isn't the right program for you! This is for women who want to eat more and get strong AF! Check out our Nourished in 90 program - it will be a much better fit for you!

  • Which coach will I check-in with?
  • All of your fortnight check-ins will be with coach Sezzy! However, both of us will be on top of your programming, nutrition + progress throughout the entire program!