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Hey girl, curious about just what is possible with a bit of guidance and coaching?
Whether you’re interested in personal training or delving deep into a 1-1 coaching program, you can see what other babes have to say about their results and experience!



🌈Angela C
There are not enough words to explain what this program and Jessie have done for me. I’ve gone down a dress size, lost 30cm+ & 6kg, but I’ve also learnt to be kinder to myself, to not hate looking in the mirror, about the fuel my body needs to thrive, how to work out and the way it effects my mental state for the day.
This program is LIFE CHANGING! If you give it everything you have, you will never ever ever look back and regret doing this program!

Program: Nourished in 90



🌈Reilly S.
Jessie is always going above and beyond for myself and her clients, from answering my random questions at any moment of the day, to getting genuinely excited when I achieve something new or reach a set goal. I used to struggle with a lot of negativity in my life, which was predominantly self inflicted, however, this constant positivity has really changed my mindset and helped me to become a better person, I feel great, both physically and mentally. It really is motivating to have someone supporting you and getting excited with you.

Program: Personal Training



🌈Jasmine E
I feel like my head is in such a different space to where it was 12 weeks ago and that’s all thanks to Jessie. I no longer am binge eating and am working on loving myself more. Jessie is so supportive and I feel like I’m now in a position where I can reset and get ready to kick some more goals! Jessie is the best coach and this program was just what I needed to shift my mindset and break out of bad habits.

Program: Nourished in 90




🌈Georgia M
I feel like a new person. I feel so much more confident and I have learnt so much about nourishing my body, rather than just trying to train super hard and have a negative relationship with food. I now eat foods that will make me feel good and I don’t feel like I am missing out. I feel amazing!

Program: Nourished in 90



🌈Sarah B
Jessie continued to step in, motivate and remind me why I had signed up for the program. After 90 days, I’m in the best place I’ve ever been, physically and mentally. I live and breathe routine, nourish my body with balanced foods, whilst still enjoying the few “naughty” things such as wine or chocolate as that’s ok! I truly would not be in the place I currently am, if it wasn’t for the way Jessie created this program. She has provided an overwhelming amount of support. I will forever be thankful for that!

Program: Nourished in 90




🌈Gez B
I started a program with Jessie as my coach as I was looking for some guidance around both my training and nutrition. What I didn’t understand at the time, was that I would get both those things, as well as friendship, support, and a holistic approach to my overall health. Jessie provides guidance on every aspect of your life, including but not limited to; training, mindset, motivation and positivity. Jessie is a wealth of knowledge, and has helped me understand myself better, both mentally and physically. I love her approach to wellness, and life in general. Thank you Jessie for helping me to be the best version of myself, both inside and out.

Program: Combined online coaching + personal training



🌈Amy M
Jessie is by far the best PT I have ever had by a long shot. I have used 3-4 different trainers and Jessie tops them all. You can tell that she cares about you as a client and wants the best for you. If you put in 100% she will give you 110%. She is extremely knowledgeable in all things health and fitness and not only that, she wants to see you shine bright!

Program: Personal training