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hey babe,
i'm Jessie!

My superpower is I don’t have a specific superpower. I’m a health, mindset + biz coach. I do it all because it all feels f*cking delicious to me.

I look at things holistically, connect the dots you didn’t know where there, reveal your patterns and guide you to heal what’s BELOW the surface so that you can step powerfully into your fullest version.

Whether that’s uncovering…
WHY you are binge-eating.
WHAT limiting beliefs are causing you to stay stuck. 
WHY you don't feel safe to be fully seen in your business.

I make the unconscious, conscious.
I bring the deeeeeeep sh*t to the surface - because you can’t change what you’re not aware of, right?

If you’re ready to dive deep into your conditioning and limiting beliefs and take full responsibility for your sh*t - but desire to be held in a safe, non-judgemental container while you process that sh*t - I’m your gal.




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